Precor  Ellipticals  AMT 100i  The Fitness Store

Precor Ellipticals AMT 100i The Fitness Store

User defined motion - The AMT does more than customize a workout, it customizes a movement -- adapting to your motion -- which means you can completely change the motion and paths of your steps without so much as the push of the button.

Superior Member Experience - The AMT meets the needs of the most demanding members and provides a challenging alternative to any exerciser looking for variety and the chance to experience freedom of movement.

*Floor models only. Limited quantity available

Freedom of choice. This is what makes the AMT so unique. By allowing you to alter your motion at the slightest whim of your imagination, no two workouts have to feel the same. This keeps your mind engaged and your body torn between wanting to experiment with new movements and needing a second to catch your breath.

Evolve each of your workouts with the knowledge that every time you observe the AMT''s stride dial you''ll be getting a crash course in learning about the muscles of your body and how they respond to different movements

With streamlined ease of use through the Tap Control and seamless integration with Cardio Theater Personal Viewing Screens, the Experience Series display puts users in control.

Height of foot at highest position

Height of footplate at lowest position (step up)

52 in. long, 32 in. wide, 60 in. high plus

1000 - 1499 (3)1500 - 1999 (4)2000 - 2499 (3)2500 - 2999 (4)3000 - 3999 (2)4000 - 4999 (3)5000 - 9999 (13)Clear price filter

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